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What Do I Do With ALL THIS PAINT????

 We all tend to accumulate paints and other materials overtime. There are a few things to consider when contemplating what to do with leftover material. Touchup Paint – It’s always a good idea to keep one container of each paint used for a recent project. This includes ceiling, trim and wall paint. We recommend half …Read More

Why Hire a Painter?

Whether you're gonna do it yourself or hire a professional here are some important things to determine whether painting is necessary beyond just changing colors.

Cabinet Painting – Why Prep is Most Important

Some of the most common questions we get when meeting with a homeowner in the Columbus area are regarding the prep work we do before painting kitchen cabinets. A new marketing pitch from the major paint vendors is “no prep need”. The hope is that you can just use a good primer or expensive trim …Read More

How to Pressure Wash a House Before Painting

Your house is more than a house – it’s your home. Just as the inside of your home should feel clean and inviting, the outside of your home should have the same effect! If your home’s exterior is starting to look dingy and neglected, freshen it up with new paint. It’s important to note that …Read More

Things to Look for in a Residential Painter

Finding the right home painter for you is one of the most crucial steps in making your house a home. Most homes need to be repainted about every 10 years to stay looking their best, especially when your paint is enduring the harsh Ohio winters. You know what look you are trying to achieve, but …Read More

Refresh Your Home with New Interior Paint Color

After we “spring forward,” the added daylight and slightly warmer weather gives many people the itch to start working on home improvements. It’s too early in the season for planting and landscaping. In fact, it may still be snowing! So, why not shift your attention to the inside of your home and consider some new …Read More

Beyond Painting

For over 25 years, painting in Columbus, Ohio has been more than just a job to us. From the top down, our entire team takes pride in every detail that leads to the highest level of craftsmanship in the industry. From our crew leaders and painters to our owners and office manager, we call ourselves …Read More