Exterior Painters Columbus Ohio

Exterior Painting Services in Columbus, Ohio

Exterior Painting Services in Columbus, Ohio

Need an exterior painting company in Columbus, Ohio, to paint the outside of your house? Classic Papering & Painting understands that your home is your most valuable asset. Investing in professional painting services not only improves curb appeal, it also protects your home’s exterior from the volatile Ohio weather.

Wood, stucco and more. Update your home with new exterior siding paint!

Just like wood decks and fences, the exterior wood siding on your home should be properly maintained to protect the wood from the elements and keep your house looking great. If the condition of your wood siding is good, it may only need to be cleaned prior to painting. If the old paint is chipping, cracked or peeling, we can scrape, sand and smooth the surface first. Applying primer before painting is another way to ensure a long-lasting finish. Our painters can recommend the steps needed to get optimum results.

In addition to wood siding, we paint other exterior building surfaces including stucco, aluminum and cement board. Brick painting is usually requested by people who own older homes and are tired of the red, orange and brown color palettes that were so popular back then. Painting brick can be tricky as most brick was not intended to be painted. Make sure to consult with a professional exterior painter to get more information.

Wood, Stucco and More. Update Your Home With New Exterior Siding Paint!
Front Door Painting for Your House and More!

Front door painting for your house and more!

Painting your front door is a simple way to add drama, create a focal point, or add a fun style element to your home. Since it’s a relatively small area, you can be a little bolder with your color choice than you would be for the entire house. A brightly colored front door is a cheerful way to welcome visitors into your home while a darker shade creates a powerful contrast. Whichever paint color you choose, front door painting is an easy way to improve curb appeal.

Professional Exterior House Painters Near You

Our attention to prep work provides the foundation for a beautiful exterior paint job that will last for years.

When you need exterior house painting services in Columbus, Ohio, contact Classic Papering & Painting to schedule an estimate. Give your home a new look or freshen up the color you already have. Either way, a fresh coat of paint can impact the look of your home. Call (614) 221-0505.

The Best Residential Exterior Painting Services

Improved Home Curb Appeal

The exterior painting of your home is the first impression. If you have old paint, it will make it look worn and the wrong shade can be a true eyesore. When you get new exterior paint, it will give your Columbus area home the upgrade it deserves. When you choose us for new exterior painting services, our painters will assess your needs and give you the exact look you want to get your dream home. We will help you add character and style to your home. We have years of experience and know the painting trends and adhere to the highest industry standards for painters.

Increased House Value

In addition to the increased curb appeal your home will get, new painting can also increase the value of your Columbus area home. Exterior house painting is an easy and affordable way to make your home attractive to potential buyers in a real way. When your home stands out in your neighborhood, it will help when it comes time to sell. Contact us today and get a free estimate for new painting. We will walk you through the latest trends, the right type of paint for your home, and answer any other questions you may have.

Protect Siding From the Elements

The Ohio seasons can be harsh. Whether it’s the rainy Spring, the hot Summer days, or the blustery Winter conditions, your home can take a beating from the elements. If you have old paint on your Columbus area home, you may experience damage to your siding. New exterior painting helps by adding a new protective layer to the exterior of your home, helping to mitigate the impact of the elements. Painting services can also help increase the lifespan of your siding, saving you even more money in the long run.

Why Choose Classic Papering & Painting?

Classic Papering & Painting has proven systems in place to ensure that your exterior job runs smoothly. There will be a Crew Leader assigned to your job who will meet with you the first day to review the scope of work and answer any questions you may have. At the end of each day our Crew Leader will walk the job with you to review progress and discuss any concerns. Our crews will clean up daily to provide minimal disruption to your routine. We offer a two-year warranty to further guarantee peace of mind.

Extensive Experience

Extensive Painting Experience

Our painters learn how to master their trade on the job, which can take years of verifiable work experience. Classic Papering & Painting has been in business since 1991, which means we have the experience and longevity of being an industry leader in Columbus for over 30 years. Don’t settle for any less than the best!
Full-Time Painters

Full-Time Painters

One of the biggest complaints customers have when getting work done at their home is getting an exterior painting project quoted by one person, then a different group of people show up to do the work. We’re talking about painter subcontractors. At Classic Papering & Painting, all our Columbus area painters are full-time employees, so you can feel confident that our crew starts and finishes all our exterior painting projects.
Two-Year Painting Guarantees

Two-Year Painting Guarantees

As a testament to our quality workmanship and a commitment to our customers, we proudly offer a two-year guarantee on all residential exterior painting jobs. We know we’re the best at what we do, but sometimes people need a little more reassurance. With our painting guarantee, customers have the peace of mind that they made the right choice when choosing a painting company for their project.
Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance

When was the last time you had a supervisor stop by to check in on a remodeling project at your home? Usually the exterior work crew is last on the scene without any follow up from the initial person you met with for a quote. Classic Papering & Painting believes in the power of quality assurance so we assign a painter team leader to every project to make sure customers are happy before, during and after the job.

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