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We've Got You Covered

We’ve Got You Covered

For over 3 decades Classic Papering & Painting Inc. has provided services for both residential and commercial spaces. Our decades of experience has given us the knowledge on choosing the right products for each job and helping customers decide what paints and wallpaper colors will work best in their homes. We work to bring our client’s imagined rooms into reality. Classic Papering & Painting Inc. does both interior and exterior residential painting, kitchen cabinet installations and repairs, and wallpapering. As one of our services we do wallpaper installation both with mass produced wallpaper and custom made wallpapers. Our Columbus Ohio team uses high quality materials for wallpaper installs and with precision and care creates a beautiful, seamless look. Reach out to Classic Inc. for more information regarding wallpaper installation, wallpaper borders, residential painting, custom wallcovering services, and more.

Wallpaper Removal & Repair

Utilizing professional wallpaper removal materials and techniques gives us the opportunity to have a clean wallpaper removal. Our team will come in and carefully remove all of the wallpaper, adhesive, and residue from your walls leaving a clean surface without causing any damage. Trusting a professional for your wallpaper removal means your walls won’t be damaged by techniques that can be rough on the walls and coats of paint. A clean, safe wallpaper removal is not only efficient, but it can save on project costs to avoid having to do repairs to the drywall or surface of the wall itself.

Classic Papering & Painting Inc. also offers a wallpaper repair service for when wallpaper becomes punctured or ripped. Depending on the style of wallpaper we may be able to find the exact wallpaper, cut a small section out of the wall, fix any drywall damage, and then repair and cover the newly fixed wall matching the wallpaper exactly. In some cases the wallpaper is a woven material and one small part can’t be patched and we will have to replace the full sheet. To get a quote on your wallpaper removal or repair, reach out to Classic Inc. today.

How People are Utilizing Wallpaper

Wallpaper Trends & Styles

Trends for residential and commercial wallpaper have changed dramatically over the last few years. Wallpaper was once a thing of the past but now many people are embracing the vintage and retro styles while decorating their home, even as far as adding wallpaper patterns of iconic dated designs from the 70s. Large printed wallpaper designs are also gaining popularity and can be a big, bold way to add design elements into your home. Mural styled wallpapers have also grown in popularity and have become an extremely unique touch that some homeowners and renters are using in their spaces. Whether you’re looking for a more muted, textured wallpaper to match a neutral color palette or you’re hoping to create a standout statement with a bright pop of color there is a perfect wallpaper choice for you. As wallpaper trends shift from year-to-year one thing that we are sure about is that wallpaper is back in style and there are many ways to utilize wallpaper for your home.

Wallpaper Trends & Styles
The Accent Wall

The Accent Wall

Styling your house with a wallpaper accent wall has grown in popularity again. An accent wall is a simple and effective way to add a pop of color without relying solely on paint in your home. Applying a wallpaper with a striking pattern can turn an otherwise simple looking room into a statement room in your home. Accent rooms are common in living spaces, kitchens, and sometimes in bedrooms, but as they grow in popularity we are seeing wallpaper accent walls appearing in every room in the house. We recommend choosing a symmetrical wall as an accent wall without a slanted ceiling or unusual cutouts to avoid them drawing attention to the construction of the room. Accent walls can be as simple or as striking as you’d like, but choosing wallpaper is a great way to get an easy, clean, and beautiful design on your walls. Choose a wallpaper for your accent wall to be a statement of your personality within your home.

Custom Wallcovering: Patterns & Prints

Another service Classic Inc. offers is installing Wallcoverings. Wallcoverings are a quick and simple alternative to painting or wallpapering. Historically used in areas that weren’t seen often as an easy way to fix up a room, wallcoverings have gained popularity in recent years. Custom wallcovering can be made into a variety of different styles to give your room a look that is completely unique to you!

Custom Wallcovering: Patterns & Prints

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Classic Papering & Painting Inc. has served our neighbors across Central Ohio for over thirty years. We are proud to be a staple in the home improvement and renovation community. Classic Inc. are local experts in interior and exterior home painting, wallpapering, and kitchen cabinetry. Our team is highly trained and ready to serve our neighbors and community! If you are looking to have wallpaper work done on your home please reach out to us for a quote today!

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