Why Hire a Painter?

Mar 3, 2022

Why Not?

There are a few reasons one might want to hire a professional painting company, but let’s start with why not first. Here’s a list of reason’s to NOT hire a pro!

You just LOVE to paint! Let’s be real; it’s fun. You like it so much that you can’t imagine someone else doing it, unless you’re gonna throw a Painting Party. (Did you know we’re hiring?)
You’re a DIY champion. I get that. Some people can do just about anything and you’re one of them. You have my blessing. (Also, did you know we’re hiring?)
You just don’t have the budget. You have a list of priorities and hiring a painter is just not at the top of that list.
Whether you’re gonna do it yourself or hire a professional here are some important things to determine whether painting is necessary beyond just changing colors.


With most surfaces, once the color is starting to fade, it’s time to paint. Color fading indicates that the protective surface is no longer doing its job. It’s just a matter of time before moisture starts getting through and causes cracking, peeling and/or blistering.

If paint is cracking, peeling or blistering; moisture is already getting in. This damaged paint needs to be scraped primed and painted to protect wood from rot. Harder substrates that have been painted also suffer from water damage. Stucco, brick, and concrete begin to break down and form cracks and crevices. The water that gets through can leach into your wood frames and insulation. Critical areas to inspect are windows, doors, door frames close to the ground as well as fascia boards behind your gutters and downspouts. Basically anywhere water can collect and get in behind the paint.


Cracking between trim and ceiling or walls. Generally, this is caused by humidity fluctuation from season to season. We highly recommend monitoring the humidity inside your home. In central Ohio, unregulated humidity can swing wildly as seasons change. 30-50% is generally considered comfortable but long periods at below 30% or above 50% causes wood to shrink or expand respectively. You’ll want to contact a Heating and Air Conditioning professional to help regulate your humidity BEFORE busting out the old caulk gun. You need to humidify during the winter months and dehumidify in summer. We hate to tell you to wait to hire a painter, but this is the best course of action to keep your next paint job looking great for years to come.

Trim or walls have started looking dirty and won’t come clean. If this is happening it’s time to paint. No paint is truly “scrubbable” but you should be able clean up spills and little handprints. A couple of coats of high quality acrylic paint will restore sheen and durability.

Stains, cracks or peeling paint on walls and ceilings. This can be an indication that water is intruding from outside or from plumbing inside the walls or ceiling. You should contact a qualified roofing or plumbing contractor to address these concerns. It can take several weeks to months for interior surfaces to be dry enough to paint. Our estimators will use a moisture meter to make sure everything is dry and ready for paint when they come look at your project.
Streaking on bathroom walls. This is generally caused by excessive steam from showering without adequate ventilation. Combine this with hairspray, body spray, and air fresheners, and you can have some pretty icky looking streaks on the walls. Specialized paints for baths and spas will help to remedy this, but again. You’ll want to tackle the root cause too. If you are using an exhaust fan, then explore getting a higher powered fan that’s more suited to the size of the room.

What Next?

Now the question is should you hire a professional. Do these scenarios sound like you?

I don’t have time, energy, or motivation to paint it myself.
The job is beyond my skill level.
I don’t have the appropriate tools and equipment to get the job done safely and to a level quality that is necessary or preferred.

I value high quality craftsmanship, and I’d rather pay a professional company that has the training, skills, equipment, and experience to meet my needs with far less hassle and frustration than trying to do it myself.

Sound like you? Call or click today… (614) 221-0505.